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With specialized focus on Internet, High Tech, Financial Services, Consumer and Industry. We are committed to delivering the best talent to you.

Why Choose Us?

Save Time

Save time with our AI matching technology, expert offline recruiters, and fully automated client dashboard. Take just 5 minutes to tell us what you're looking for, and our team will do the rest.

Save Money

Save up to 50 percent on recruitment costs with our O2O platform. No more searching, screening, or miscellaneous fees. A successful placement can cost as low as 14 percent.

Better Candidates

Hire the best in the market across multiple fields. Access our database of 500,000+ pre-qualified candidates. We provide a market-leading 1-year guarantee for prepaid customers.

Better Services

Our Consultants will reach out to the candidates you've selected to make sure they are available and interested. Interview only your top choices for open positions.


Recruitment Solutions


Recruit the best talent in the market across multiple industries. With over 5,000 successful executive and mid-level placements globally over the past few years, our Consultants have a proven track record and deliver only the best results.


We provide contracting and temporary staffing solutions to support your short and long term projects. Our project managers and contractors span across all sectors and geographies, and are experts in each specialized area.

Recruitment Process

Eliminate inefficiency, high costs, and poorly managed processes when you hire. Our full RPO solution leverages both our online and offline resources, ensuring top quality talent, reduced recruitment expenses, and faster hiring time.

Search Mapping
Overseas Talent

Our recruiters are specialized not only in Asia, but worldwide, well connected with talents globally and able to deliver overseas candidates for leadership positions. Always get connected to the best talents around the globe.