Life Science: The Emerging Reformation of the Century

March 5, 2019
The field of life science is booming, and tech has made its way into the industry. With cutting-edge developments being applied to the healthcare and the medical world, only time will tell how far these discoveries and breakthroughs can go.

Life Science: The Emerging Reformation of the Century

Ever since we’ve entered the 21st century, the field of life science has been a sandbox for an era of innovation. There has been more research and development in the field of medical health than ever before. Just over a decade ago, “IT” as we know it was new vocabulary for us, and by today it has already completely changed our lives. Today, “BT” is the new revolution, referred to as Biotechnology. As technology becomes more advanced, it will be integrated together with life science, pushing life science to become a cornerstone industry of China.

One of the areas undergoing significant research and development is genes and cells. With the help of some capital funding, China’s life science and technology revolution will become the driving force for the next global economic growth, and will generate many multi-trillion level enterprises. Most countries in the world, especially in Europe and the United States, regard life science as a strategic industry of great importance for the future, and give strong support. China is also introducing relevant policies to promote the development of life science and biotechnology.

Chinese President Xi Jinping once proposed at a national conference that genomics cytology and stem cell research was a vital part in showing off the strength of a country, and China has been aligned with supporting the research and development in these areas in order to set an example and lead the world. In fact, China has been so proud of its accomplishment in these fields, as two Chinese scientists Zhuang Xiaowei and Chen Zhijian won international life science awards in recognition of their major breakthrough contributions in the industry.

It is evident that life science is a rising industry and is becoming a revolution in itself, integrating both scientific development, as well as emerging technologies, to drive itself forward as a leader in the economy. Needless to say, it is essential that corporations in relevant fields are always up to date with the latest talent, latest tech, and latest insights in the field, in order to be a leading innovator for the future.



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