Executive Search

Our recruitment consultants have an average of more than 10 years of professional experience. Our clients include multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, start-ups, and government organizations. By 2022, we have delivered 5000 + recruitment cases of middle and high-level talents for clients around the world.

Contract Staffing

We provide contracting staffing solutions to support your flexible projects. Our project managers and contractors come across all sectors and geographies and are experts in each specialized area.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

GTI provide both online and offline human resource services to help clients recruit talents efficiently and accurately.

Overseas Talent Search Mapping

GTI has solid experienced in overseas talents hiring. We can search talents worldwide to meet the needs of clients for overseas business expansion.


Recruit Faster

Via CGPO2O intelligent talent database system. Through AI matching technology, combined with offline recruitment teams, the average recruitment cycle is 4 weeks, which fills the position faster to meet talent needs of enterprises. 

Solid Practical Hiring Experience

GTI's management team has more than 10 years of experience and has accumulated successful cases for more than 100 top clients in various industries, which can provide more insightful solutions for clients.

Huge Candidate Database

CGPO2O talent database has nearly 800000 excellent talents covering all industries and regions, which can meet more complex candidate requirements.

Professional SOP

By benchmarking the recruitment service process of international standards, a special training team is equipped to ensure the standardization of services, the specialization of processes, and the high digestion of collaboration efficiency.

Customized Extra Value Service

GTI provide flexible extra value services for clients, including salary Research Report Analysis in the Asia Pacific region, talent market analyzes, targeted hunting services, etc.

Client Industry





Professional Services

Internet Technology

New Energy

Enterprise Digital Upgrading

Medical Health

Chip Electronics


Financial Technology