The GTI Promise


We are committed to providing professional and flexible outsourcing services to enterprises, effectively responding to both seasonal, temporary, and and long-term adjustments.


We will establish a systematic industry training system to help jobseekers and employers to excel at what they do. We will also engage in research sharing to bolster learning within the industry.


We guarantee a fast response, fast service, and fast turnover with all of our offerings. Both our O2O platform and our professional recruiters will engage with clients to deliver the best results.



Corporate Finance
Emerging Technology
Financial Services
Human Resources

Our Service Levels

Level 1
Standard Search

Your Role:

You work with and brief our offline Consultants to find ideal candidates to match your open roles.

Our Role:

Our Consultants provide a full service search with candidates presented through our automated client dashboard.

Full Service Fee Rate

Level 2
Curated Pipeline of Talent

Your Role:

You work with and feedback to our offline Consultants as you receive curated candidate recommendations each week.

Our Role:

Our Consultants and our AI technology will make weekly recommendations and help facilitate the entire recruitment process for selected candidates.

Full Service Fee Rate

Level 3
Client-Initiated Search

Your Role:

You utilize our powerful O2O platform's AI matching technology and search engine to find ideal candidates on your own.

Our Role:

Our platform will let you search, review, and select candidates yourself. Our Consultants will help you facilitate the entire recruitment process.

Reduced Fee Rate as Low as 14%